What is marbling?

Those white flecks you see in beef and pork are what’s known as “marbling.” It’s the small pieces of fat that occur in the muscle, and it’s a huge part of what makes our meat taste delicious. That’s why we insist on high marbling scores in every cut we sell.

Is your meat gluten free?
Single ingredient beef and pork, like our Chairman’s Reserve® Meats are naturally free of gluten.
What is the nutritional value of your beef and pork?
The nutritional information for our Chairman’s Reserve® Meat products varies by cut and product. We suggest checking the label for the specific nutritional information provided on the cut you’d like to use. Learn how Beef and Pork are sources of essential vitamins and nutrients.
What do your cattle grade at market?

Our Chairman’s Reserve® Beef products are USDA Choice quality grades. The marbling in our beef makes every bite flavorful and tender. For consistency every time, we hand select each cut. See our beef products here.

Currently, there is not a USDA standard quality grade for pork. But we assure you that Chairman’s Reserve Meats includes some of our finest pork products. We make sure every cut of pork we sell provides an unparalleled dining experience by subjecting every piece of meat to our strict standards. We hand select each piece of Chairman’s Reserve Pork for consistent marbling, tenderness, size and color. The result is perfectly tender, juicy and flavorful meat. Learn more.

What does 'natural' mean?
Chairman’s Reserve® pork and Angus beef are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. We follow USDA regulations to ensure minimal processing which means the product has not been fundamentally altered.
Are your animals given antibiotics or hormones?
As they do in humans, hormones occur naturally in all animals. Naturally occurring hormones can also be present in animal-sourced foods like meat, dairy, fish, and eggs.

The beef chosen for the Chairman’s Reserve® Angus Beef program is selected on quality rather than production methods. We do not exclude cattle that go into the program due to the use of antibiotics or added hormones. It is important to note that there are FDA-mandated withdrawal periods for any antibiotics or added hormones that are administered.

What do the animals eat?
The independent farmers, ranchers and animal nutritionists involved in raising the quality cattle and pigs for the Chairman’s Reserve® Meats program develop balanced and nutritional diets for all the animals based on standard industry practices. The Chairman’s Reserve Meats program strict quality criteria also help to ensure the quality eating experience that comes from our beef and pork products on your plate.
Is your pork GAP certified?
Our Chairman’s Reserve® Pork is not GAP verified however, we have an extensive animal welfare policy, and animal raising standards that can be third-party verified.
Where can I buy your meat?
Here’s where you can find our Chairman’s Reserve® Pork and Angus Beef featured at a store near you.
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