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The Prime tier of Chairman’s Reserve® Meats is our highest level of quality. This exceptional quality rivals all competitors, delivering the most tender, juicy and flavorful cuts possible. Simply put – you won’t find more superior beef and pork.

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Through uncompromising standards, we’re proud to deliver perfection: Chairman’s Reserve Prime Beef.

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Our signature of distinction, Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork offers an unforgettable eating experience.

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marbling and maturity
make the grade

The standards are simple — it’s the best or nothing.
Here’s a look at the selection criteria of
Chairman’s Reserve Certified Prime Beef:

  • USDA Prime quality grade
  • Grade A maturity
  • Marbling score of “Slightly Abundant” and higher
  • Lean color, texture and firmness
  • Consistent quality always delivering a tender, superior eating experience
a reputation earned with every meal

Chairman's Reserve Prime Beef Pyramid

the prime marbling distinction

Marbling score of “slightly abundant”,

“moderately abundant” and “abundant”.

our prime beef products

t-bone steak

Impressive presentation meets unmatched taste; includes both a strip steak and a tenderloin.
Top Sirloin Steak

top sirloin steak

A lean steak that still retains a large amount of flavor and juiciness.
boneless ribeye roast

boneless ribeye roast

A tasty cut with no bones to cut around.

flat iron

A relative newcomer to the grilling scene, the Flat Iron is a delicious little steak from the shoulder.
Strip Steak

strip steak

The quintessential grilling experience; infinitely versatile when paired with different seasonings and spices.

ranch steak

The ideal steak for everyday grilling. It’s very lean, so don’t overcook!

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delivering an unforgettable eating experience

Strict specifications identify our best in marbling, color and pH — the key influencers for flavor, taste, tenderness and consistency. The result is a Prime difference:

  • 25% more tender than all other leading brands of pork without added solution
  • Optimal marbling, color and pH for the most tender, juicy and flavorful pork
  • Intentionally selective cuts, hand-selected and hand-trimmed
  • All natural, minimally processed with no artificial ingredients

Our marbling standard:

Scores ranging from 3-5​

Prime Pork Marbling chart

Our color standard:

Scores ranging from 4-5​

Prime Pork Color chart

recognized for excellence

The exquisite quality of Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork qualified for the Master Chefs’ Seal of Excellence from the acclaimed Master Chefs’ Institute. The Master Chef’ Institute (MCI) is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of culinary excellence.  MCI’s Certified Master Chefs® evaluate foods, beverages and equipment, to qualify them for the coveted Master Chef’s Institute Seal of Excellence to the select few products meeting their stringent quality standards

MCI Seal

Learn more about the Master Chef’s Institute

Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork Chop

our prime pork products

Boneless Center Cut pork loin

boneless center-cut pork loin

This lean cut is best when brined in sugar, salt, water and herbs—tenderizing the meat to make it exceptionally flavorful.

Bone in Pork loin

bone-in pork loin

A classic cut, great for entertaining. Roast it low and slow to get the perfect blush of pink without overcooking.

Boneless sirloin roast

boneless pork sirloin roast

Roast to perfection with a savory rub or mouthwatering sauce to bring out all the juiciness of this beautiful cut.

Pork tenderloin

pork tenderloin

Lean and delicately flavored, this is among the most tender cuts of pork. A prime candidate for quick-cooking over high heat.

St Louis Style ribs

St. Louis-style ribs

Taken from the belly of the pig, flavorful spareribs have a higher fat content that lends itself to thick, rich sauces.

Baby back ribs

baby back ribs

Lean, loin-back ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender when baked or grilled in a flavorful spice rub.

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Chairman's Reserver Certified Butcher

delivering an unforgettable
eating experience

Discerning customers like you expect the best. When you visit a meat department that has completed the exclusive Chairman’s Reserve Certified Butcher Program training, their knowledgeable staff has met our stringent standards. They’ll help you select the best available cuts and ensure an unforgettable meal.

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